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Please check ALL Rankings Points. If any are wrong please RAISE ASAP. Thank you.


All Semi Finals Updated. Veterans Draw Ready. 5 Man Draw Ready. Check when and who you play. Also the Venue.




Finals Day 25th Mat. Rankings Finals 1st June Presentation Night 13th June

A Division

1 Rileys BV 1882
2 Moor Club A 1876
3 HG Con 1871
4 71 Club 1870
5 Denton Lib 1867
Full League Table... Manchester Open 2013

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Pyramid Snooker Club

Latest News


Manchester Snooker League are now looking and taking on NEW teams for the upcoming Season. If you are interested please fill in the contact us or visit FACEBOOK for more details


64 Player Event at Crucible Stockport. Similar to the Manchester Open. £10 Entry. Check the Website to Enter. Closing Date 26th May.


Finals Day 25th May at Riley's Belle Vue

5 Man KO and Doubles Final - TBA

Bill Daniles, Alex Cup + Kholer - TBA

3 Man and Dennis Mellor - TBA

Shoes, Trousers, Shirt or Polo Shirt to be worn.

Players to be there at least 10 minutes before start time.

Check the Draw Line Up


3 Man Knockout Semi Final Drawl. Venue to be Pyramid. ALL RESULTS TO GO TO STEVE MISTRY.


5 Man Team Knockout. Check who and when you are playing.


Alexander Cup Semi Final Draw. Please check who and when you are due to play. PLEASE GIVE STEVE MISTRY ALL RESULTS.


Kholer Cup Semi Finals Line up. Please check who and where your playing. All results to go to Steve Mistry

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Champion O'Sullivan trails Perry

Ronnie O'Sullivan trails Joe Perry 5-3 after the first session of their second-round match at the World Snooker Championship.

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Trump 'relieved' by first-round win

Judd Trump delivers a scathing assessment of his own form after scraping through the first round of the World Championship.

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World Championship scores and results

Latest scores, schedule and full results for the 2014 World Championship at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield.

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Hendry 'could return' with new rules

New World Championship rules will see past winners like Stephen Hendry and Steve Davis given a chance to qualify.

Rankings Top 10

1 S Ingham 43
2 P Peart 41
3 Scott Gallagher 38.25
4 Mike Holtem 38
5 Steve Harrison 37
6 M Wild 36.5
7 W McManus 36
8 S Flynn 36
9 J Culligan 35.5
10 Danny McPhail 35
Full Rankings...

Latest Results

Group 1
71 Club 5 - 2 Moor Club B
Denton Lib 3 - 4 Staly V
Moor Club A 1 - 6 Crucible
Pyramid A 2 - 5 HG Con
Rileys BV 7 - 0 Pyramid B