Oldham Competition June 2019

Oldham Snooker Academy

Organiser:  Mike Dickinson 07532765685

Dates for fixtures are
  • Final - best of 9 frames15th July
  • Players Dean Sheridan & Jack Culligan
  • Referee Greg Cornelio
Jack Culligan beats Dean Sheridan 5-4 in the final
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Group 1

Ali Anwar (0), Chris Willets (7) , Ryan Duffy (0), Ryan Davies (-7)

Group 2

Tanveer Hussain (0), Paul Hopwood (7) , Dean Sheridan (-7), Steven Firth (0)

Group 3

Sajid Zamurd (0), Kami Afsul (0) , Aaron Davies (0), Mick Wrigley (0)

Group 4

Asif Nissar (0), Asim Ahmed (7), Adi Hussain (7), Dave Richie (0)

Group 5

Adam Longley (0), Glen Dunv (0), Paul Morgan (-7), Kami Chaudhry (0)

Group 6

Gary Lees (-7), Bob Marlor (0), Trever Smith (0), Danny Reece (7)

Group 7

Farakh Ajaib (-7), Mark Carrington (0), Chris Harrison (0), Daz Deans (7)

Group 8

Muhammed Ashraf (0), Abid Ali (0), Mike Dickenson (0), Josh Cooper (-7)

Group 9

Karl Egerton (0), Tony Reeves (0), Baz Christie (0), Jim Fulton (7)

Group 10

Mick Webb (7), Mick Smith (7), Lee Young (7), Jay Way (0)

Group 11

Eddie Lott (0), Reece Kershaw (0), John Harding (0), Saif Amin (0)

Group 12

Phil Greaves (7), Danny Connely (0), Steve Delaney (0), Anthony Filgate (7)

Group 13

Alan Matic (0), Lenny Degriffa (-7), Ron Green (7), , Alan Brookes (7))

Group 14

Jamie Mcardle (-7), Charlie Hussain (0), Jack Culligan (0

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Please note the font color in table positions indicate qualification status.
Players have qualified into the last 32.
Players have qualified for prelim round - top 4 will be entered into last 32.

A Anwar2v0C Willets
R Duffy1v1R Davies
A Anwar0v2R Duffy
C Willets0v2R Davies
A Anwar0v2R Davies
C Willets0v2R Duffy
Final Group Placings
1.Ryan Davies566,56
2.Ryan Duffy5
3.Ali Anwar2
4.Chris Willets0
T Hussain2v0P Hopwood
D Sheridan2v0S Firth
S firth1v1T Hussain
D Sheridan2v0P Hopwood
S Firth2v0P Hopwood
T Hussain1v1D Sheridan
Final Group Placings
1.Dean Sheridan553,68,92
2.Tanveer Hussain4
3.Steve firth3
4.Paul Hopwood0
S Zamurd2v0K Afsul
A Davies1v1M Wrigley
S Zamurd2v0A Davies
M Wrigley1v1K Afsul
K Afsul1v1A Davies
S Zamurd1v1M Wrigley
Final Group Placings
1.Sajid Zamurd5
2.M Wrigley3
3.Kami Afsul2
4.Aaron Davies2
A Hussain0v2D Richie
A Nissar0v2A Ahmed
A Hussain2v0A Ahmed
D Richie1v1A Nissar
A Nissar2v0A Hussain
A Ahmed0v2D Richie
Final Group Placings
1.Dave Richie550
2.Asif Nissar3
3.Adi Hussain2
4.Asim Ahmed2
A Longley2v0G Dunv
P Morgan2v0K Chaudhry
G Dunv0v2P Morgan
A Longley1v1K Chaudhry
K Chaudhry1v1G Dunv
A Longley0v2P Morgan
Final Group Placings
1.Paul Morgan6
2.Adam Longley3
3.Kami Chaudhry2
4.Glen Dunv1
G Lees1v1B Marlor
T Smith0v2D Reece
B Marlor1v1D Reece
G Lees2v0T Smith
D Reece1v1G Lees
B Marlor2v0T Smith
Final Group Placings
1.Bob Marlor4
2.Danny Reece4
3.Gary Lees464
4.T Smith0
F Ajaib2v0M Carrington
C Harrison2v0D Deans
M Carrington1v1C Harrison
F Ajaib2v0D Deans
C Harrison1v1F Ajaib
M Carrington2v0D Deans
Final Group Placings
1.Farakh Ajaib561
2.Chris Harrison4
3.Mark Carrington378
4.Daz Deans0
M Ashraf2v0A Ali
M Dickenson1v1J Cooper
A Ali0v2M Dickenson
M Ashraf0v2J Cooper
M Dickenson2v0M Ashraf
A Ali0v2J Cooper
Final Group Placings
1.Josh Cooper5
2.Mike Dickenson551,58
3.Muhammad Ashraf2
4.Abid Ali0
K Egerton1v1B Christie
T Reeves2v0J Fulton
B Christie1v1T Reeves
K Egerton1v1J Fulton
J Fulton1v1B Christie
B Christie1v1T Reeves
Final Group Placings
1.Tony Reeves4
2.Karl Egerton3
3.Baz Christie3
4.Jim Fulton2
M Webb1v1L Young
M Smith2v0J Way
L Young0v2M Smith
M Webb1v1J Way
J Way2v0L Young
M Webb1v1M Smith
Final Group Placings 1
1.Mick Smith5
2.Mick Webb3
3.Jay Way3
4.Lee Young
E Lott1v1S Amin
R Kershaw2v0J Harding
S Amin2v0J Harding
R Kershaw2v2E Lott
J Harding0v2E Lott
S Amin0v1R Kershaw
Final Group Placings
1.Reece Kershaw6
2.Saif Amin3
3.Eddie Lott3
4.John Harding0
P Greaves2v0D Connely
S Delaney2v0A Filgate
D Connely2v0A Filgate
S Delaney1v1P Greaves
A Filgate0v2P Greaves
D Connely2v0S Delaney
Final Group Placings
1.Phil Greaves5
2.Danny Connely4
3.Steve Delaney3
4.Anthony Filgate0
L Degriffa1v1A Matic
A Brookes2v0R Green
A Matic2v0R Green
Lenny Degriffa2v0A Brookes
Alan Matic2v0A Brookes
Lenny Degriffa2v2R Green
Final Group Placings
1.Lenny Degriffa5
2.Alan Matic5
3.Alan Brookes2
4.Ron Green0
C Hussain0v2J Culligan
J Culligan1v1J Mcardle
C Hussain0v2J Mcardle
Final Group Placings
1.Jamie Mcardle363,113
2.Jack Culligan3106
3.Charlie Hussain0

The preliminary competition will take place on the 19th June 2019. (best of 3 frames)
Quater finalists will go through to the last 32.
  • 1Ali AnwarW/O
  • 2Steve Firth-
  • 3Kami Afzul2
  • 4Adi Hussain1
  • 5Kami Chaudhry1
  • 6Gary Lees2
  • 7M Carrington1
  • 8M Ashraf2
  • 9Baz ChristieW/O
  • 10Jay Way-
  • 11Eddie Lott2
  • 12Steve Delaney0
  • 13Alan Brookes2
  • 14Charlie Hussain0
  • 15No Player 12
  • 16No Player 20
  • 1Ali Anwar2
  • 2Kami Afsul1
  • 3Gary Lees0
  • 4M Ashraf2
  • 5Baz Christie0
  • 6Eddie Lott2
  • 7Alan Brookes2
  • 8No Player 10
  • 1Ali Anwar-
  • 2M Ashraf-
  • 3Eddie Lott-
  • 4Alan Brookes-
  • 1--
  • 2--

Players who have qualified in third position are listed below. They will be eligbible to play in the preliminary competition on the 19th June.

S Firth
Adi Hussain
Gary Lees
Muhammad Ashraf
Steve Delaney
Eddie Lott
Charlie Hussain
Ali Anwar
Kamy Afsul
Kami Chaudhry
Mark Carrington
Jay Way
Baz Christie
Alan Brookes

The last 16 of the competition will take place at the start of July 2019. (best of 7 frames)
The semi final and final will be the best of 5 frames.
  • 1Mike Dickinson2
  • 2Eddie Lott4
  • 3Jack Culligan4
  • 4Bob Marlor3
  • 5Adam Longley0
  • 6Reece Kershaw4
  • 7Lenny Degriffa2
  • 8Farakh Ajaib4
  • 9Sajid Zamurd4
  • 10Ali Anwar2
  • 11Dean Sheridan4
  • 12Paul Morgan2
  • 13Jamie Mcardle4
  • 14Ryan Davies1
  • 15Josh Cooper4
  • 16Ryan Duffy2
  • 1Eddie Lott2
  • 2Jack Culligan4
  • 3Reece Kershaw1
  • 4Farakh Ajaib4
  • 5Sajid Zamurd1
  • 6Dean Sheridan4
  • 7Jamie Mcardle3
  • 8Josh Cooper4
  • 1Jack Culligan5
  • 2Farakh Ajaib3
  • 3Dean Sheridan5
  • 4Josh Cooper1
  • 1Jack Culligan5
  • 2Dean Sheridan4

Draw was taken place at the Oldham Snooker Academy on the 19th June 2019 21:00pm

Each Game will be best of 7 frames.
Matches 1-8 will be played on Monday the 24th June,7:45pm.
Matches 9-16 will be played on the Wednesday 26th June 7:45pm.

Indicates players who won their match and qualified for the the last 16.
To see breaks over 50 just hover over the name below.

Fixtures & Results for the last 32

1.M Dickenson4v1A Nissar
2.M Smith3v4E Lott
3.D Richie1v4J CulliganBreaks 53
4.B Marlor4v0C Egerton
5.T Reeves2v4A Longley
6.R Kershaw4v0A Brookes
7.L Degriffa4v2S Amin
8.F AjaibBreaks 78,694v0C Harrison
9.S Zamurd4v1M Wrigley
10.P Greaves3v4A Anwar
11.D Sheridan Breaks 74, 824v0T Hussain
12.P Morgan4v2D Connely
13.J Mcardle4v2M Ashraf
14.R Davies4v0A Matic
15.J Cooper4v2D Reece
16.R Duffy4v2M Webb


Pot 1 contains players who qualified first in their group.
Pot 2 contains players who either qualified second or came through as preliminary competition winners.

Pot 1
Dean Sheridan
Ryan Davies
Sajid Zamurd
Dave Richie
Paul Morgan
Bob Marlor
Josh Cooper
Farakh Ajaib
Tony Reeves
Phil Greaves
Reece Kershaw
Mick Smith
Jamie Mcardle
Lenny Degriffa
Mick Webb *
Mick Dickenson *
Pot 2
Asif Nissar
Tanveer Hussain
Mick Wrigley
Ryan Duffy
Danny Reece
Chris Harrison
Adam Longley
Alan Matic
Karl Egerton
Danny Connely
Saif Amin
Jack Culligan
Ali Anwar #
Muhammad Ashraf #
Eddie Lott #
Alan Brookes #


# - Preliminary competiton qualifiers.
* - Best two second place players in terms of points, moved to pot 1 to complete the 16.

High Breaks

  1. Jamie Mcardle113, 63, 52, 51
  2. Dean Sheridan111,92, 82, 78, 74, 68, 57,53, 51, 52
  3. Jack Culligan106, 53, 58
  4. Farakh Ajaib89, 82, 78, 69, 62, 61, 57,52, 50
  5. Mark Carrington78
  6. Paul Morgan71, 58
  7. Ryan Davies66, 56
  8. Gary Lees64
  9. Josh Cooper62,61
  10. Mick Dickenson58, 51
  11. Eddie Lott56
  12. Dave Richie50

  1. For the group stages each player will play 2 frames between each other. (A point given per frame)
  2. Any players tied for points will play a 6 red sudden death frame.
  3. The top two will automatically go through into the last 32.
  4. All 3rd place players will automatically be put through into a preliminary competition.
    The top 4 go through to the last 32
  5. Preliminary competition will be a best of 3 frames. The draw will be made once group matches are completed.
  6. Last 32 matches will be a best of 7 frames. The draw will be made once preliminary matches are completed.
Prize Money
Runner up:£300
Semi Final:£50
Quarter Final:£25

High Break:£100